Friday, May 23, 2008

Enter 32GB iPhone and 3G Exit 8GB iPhone

The 3G iPhone could be available as early as June 2008. The 3G iPhone would have live video-conferencing capabilities, browse much faster than the current EDGE based iPhone, video recording may still not be possible. Apple is also contemplating a 32GB iPhone release during the same time frame (June 2008). Now the question is what will happen to the 8GB model?. 4GB and 8GB Refurbished iPhones used to be available on a regular basis(mostly on Tuesdays, See the Poll results on this blog) but now refurbished deals are rare to find. The 16GB refurb has also not appeared thus far.

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  1. Now I have old iPhone with 4gb and 4gb is a little for me. I think I`ll buy this one after I can because 32gb is greatest and it will be the phone ever I think. Thanks for the great read.

  2. 32GB is gonna N series is any threat to the iPhone :)

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