Monday, February 11, 2008

Refurbished iphone 16GB, Cost and Availability

Apple recently announced the 16GB "Talk big" model when really it should "Store big".
However what will be interesting for refurbished iphone buffs is when will the refurb iphone be available and what will it cost?
When apple launched iphone on June 29th 2007, the refurbished iphones became available as early as 1st week of August 2007, so we can expect the 16GB refurbished iphone to be available as early as 1st week of April 2008.


  1. If you buy a refurbished iphone from the apple store, are you still bound by attws' 2 year contract?

  2. Yes, Refurbished phones are not unlocked you still have to deal with the att contract. But unlocking is so easy these days...Just do a search and you will find so many options.. Good Luck

  3. iPhone is highly respective phone nowadays.

    they have the best innovation on mobile taking this Apple iPhone 16GB

    iPhone Rule!!!

  4. iphone is one of the coolest gadget to have its become a status symbol now.


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