Saturday, November 17, 2007

iphone 1.1.2. released officially by Apple

Apple on Monday officially released iPhone 1.1.2.

The update is available through iTunes and will show up when the iPhone is connected. Apple only says the update includes “new features and bug fixes.”

There are a few noticeable changes, mostly for international users. With the new version you can change the language to French, German or Italian and change the keyboard layout to English (UK), French, German and Italian.

Other smaller changes are also included with iPhone Update 1.1.2. The phone’s battery charge now shows up in iTunes, next to your phone icon. Apple changed the sorting of ringtones, too — tones from Apple or applications like iToner now show up in a section labeled “Custom,” while ringtones that came with the phone are listed under “Standard.”

The widely reported TIFF exploit has also been fixed with this update. It fixes a critical security vulnerability with the way that the phone renders TIFF images, that flaw had been used by iPhone developers in the unauthorized Jailbreak software that is used to run third-party applications. The update makes it difficult for users of brand-new iPhones to install Jailbreak.

The iPhones’s unauthorized software developers have already found a way to stay ahead of Apple's latest software update.

Users with Jailbreak on their iPhone 1.1.1 systems are being advised to first install an application called OktoPrep, according to a post on the Unofficial Apple Weblog. This allows them to update to 1.1.2 without compromising their ability to run unauthorized software on the device.

Friday, November 16, 2007

iphone 8GB unlocked for less than $299 - Holiday Hottest deal

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's in the box? iphone refurb

Here's what's in the box :
Refurbished iPhone, Stereo headset, Dock, USB Connector Cable,
USB Power Adapter, Documentation, Cleaning/polishing cloth. Exactly the same contents as a brand new iphone. The 4GB model comes in a white box .The Refurb iphone is certified for Apple quality and covered by the Limited 1 Year Warranty just like the new iphone.
When activation the Apple online store prompts you to upgrade to version 1.1.2. as well as activating your iPhone.