Thursday, September 4, 2008

Best Applications, Wallpapers, Games for your Refurbished iphone available

Top iphone 3G app review sites for your available refurbished iphone in no particular order - Video reviews of the iPhone apps--perfect for viewing on your iPhone/iPod Touch before you buy or download. - iPhone Toolbox Apps Page is actually very cool in that it displays what the app looks like on the phone. When visitors scroll over, they get a quick blurb about the app. - With a clean and straightforward look, this site features quick blurbs on app updates, medium length app reviews, and comparisons against other apps that provide similar services. - Appletell's iPhone App Review page features app updates and decent sized reviews for apps, Appletell boasts great pictures. In addition to quick reviews, it offers news on the App Store. - iPhone Alley offers tons of quick reviews and what other iPhone app review sites amazingly don't seem to have: pros, cons, and the bottom line. Ideal for those us that just want the facts without the sugar-coating.

Top iphone Wall papers sites for your available refurbished iphone in no particular order - good site for (320x480) Themes, and Wallpapers! - Wallpapers for your Apple iPhone and iPod Touch - Newest and most popular iPhone Wallpapers - decent resource for high quality iPhone Wallpapers online. User is free to add to the collection. - Free High-Resolution Widescreen Wallpapers.

Most popular games avaialable for your refurbished iphone in no particular order

Texas Hold'em - Poker games are always hugely popular, and now fans of Texas Hold'em can enjoy playing this iPhone game with 9 other players linked through Wi-Fi. Its low cost of $5 and realistic gameplay males it popular.

Sudoku - Another highly popular game brought to the iPhone by Electronic Arts.

Platinum Solitaire -Solitaire has been a standard game application on computers for over a decade.

Critter Crunch - This iPhone game is a fun puzzle game that has already won several awards for its addictive and adorable gameplay and graphics.

Scrabble - Everybody knows how to play Scrabble, and know you can play against the computer or with other players on your iPhone.

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