Sunday, November 18, 2007

iphone: Special Offer for Holidays atleast $200 off

Welcome back to the home of the refurbished iphone !!! As posted earlier we are trying to experiment a new concept(Patent Pending) in online auctions.
This is how it works. (However this is not an iphone refurbished but a brand new one).

1) We set a start price for the iphone (Say $100).
2) You bid a price higher than $100 say $110.
3) Others keep bidding higher for a 1 week listing.
4) After 1 week the auction ends and We look at all the bids.
5) Lets say 3 bidders bid $110 , $120 and $ 130.
6) Then bidder who bids $130 wins the auction. but the amount paid for iphone is average of all bids which is $120.So even though the bid was $130 the price paid is $120.
7) The only catch being that We consider only the highest bids of each of the bidders and the bidder must have bid more than once during the auction to be considered for winning.

Why are we doing this?

We are testing the effectivity of a business idea in the market and want to make sure that it is viable. This method can be very effective when there are huge promotional sales or holiday discounts going.

Here is a sample of products auctioned at , , ,ebidz and what price we project you will get here.Also shown is the in-store price at apple/at & t.

iphone cost @ my webstore : $ 359
Apple Store /AT & T new iphone : $ 399
iphone Cost Ebay/Amazon/yahoo : $ 399

We arrived at the $359 number because when we did an extensive test with the ipod We found that we had a consistent 10% discount on ebay or store prices. In some cases it could be much lower even upto 40% discount it all depends on the other bidders.

Ready to place bid? How to do it?
Our webstore is still being setup so in order to place your bid just reply to this post and state your quote. We are currently running auction for brand new unlocked iphone.
Product Brand New unlocked 8GB apple iphone
Our Bid open start bid price is $200.

To start bidding just reply to this post with your quote (Ex $201.50). You are guaranteed to get the lowest price ever on the Net.
Happy Holidays!!!

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